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Dr. Tom Ogar, ND

A holistic way to improving your health.

Let us show you how natural medicine can help.

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Health is your wealth and without it you have nothing. I came to this realization later in life. I was feeling constantly dizzy, headaches, joint pains, and weight gain. I was on so many medications and I suffered from lack of energy. The medications I was on produced so many side effects. The sad thing about it was that the prescriptions only provided  temporary relieve. I said wait a minute, how many pills would I have to take in a 24 hour period. It was then I decided to take matters into my hands. I started juicing and  studying  alternative and natural healing process. As soon as I completed my training, my eyes opened and I started to use natural food, herbal products, vitamins and minerals. Immediately, my health improved dramatically.


Now, I feel great becaue I'm no longer taking all that pain medications.


Try it. We can help you make a life change. 

1275 Glenlivet Drive, Suite 100 
Allentown, PA 18106
Tel: 860-324-4903

By Appoitment Only

Available Services
  • Weight Loss

  • Life Style Change

  • Health Coach

  • Quality Vitamins and Minerals

  • Herbs

  • Promote Men and Women's Health

  • Education

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